Mufflers and Custom Pipes


Excellent Auto Mufflers and Custom-Made Pipes

Tracy’s Incorporated is your one-stop shop for customized mufflers and exhaust pipes in Michigan. Our skilled crew can fabricate the exact kind of single or dual exhaust system that you need for your vehicle.

You can get exhaust pipes and mufflers fabricated for diesel and gas-powered vehicles of all makes and models, including tractors. Contact us if you need brake system parts or front end parts for your car.

Top-Notch Exhausts and Pipes

  • Dual exhausts
  • Single exhausts
  • Custom-made dual exhaust system
  • Customized mufflers
  • Custom-made exhaust pipes
  • Custom pipe bending
Get a 1-year WARRANTY on
Auto Parts and Labor. Visit 2905 Main St
For a quote to create your own custom-designed exhaust system, call us at 989-635-7485!
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